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Aroma Beads

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▪️1 oz scoop scent of your choice 
▪️4x6 satchet bag included

-we recommend 2 scoops per bag 🙂

💕Our Aroma Bead Sachets are hand poured when you order to ensure freshness for best quality! These are highly scented with fragrance oil, not essential oil, and made with premium quality materials. They are perfect to hang in your car, office, closet, small room, bathroom, drawers, or anywhere! And they make the PERFECT GIFT!

⏳ Aroma Bead Sachets normally last between 2-8 weeks. Each fragrance is different and how long the scent lasts will vary. Some scents are stronger than others and can last even longer. Scents will be stronger in the summer due to the heat, however this can also result in the scent lasting a shorter period of time.

👃 Keep in mind it is possible that you may go "nose blind" to the scent over time but others will still smell the scent.

✨ If you feel the scent has weakened you can gently massage or give them a little shake and the scent will be refreshed.

⛔️Aroma Bead Sachets are NOT a toy, please keep away from children and pets!

❌Do NOT leave the Aroma Bead Sachet on finished surfaces, wood, fabric or painted surfaces unprotected. The fragrance oil and colorant can permanently damage the finish.
🚫Do NOT use in a tart or electric burner. Aroma Beads are plastic and will melt!
🛑 We are NOT responsible to replace your Aroma Bead Sachet if melting occurs and we will NOT refund. We are NOT responsible for any damages resulting from the Aroma Bead Sachet!
‼️You are buying at your own risk and by purchasing this listing you are agreeing to these conditions.

▪️Returns and exchanges will not be accepted.